About us



Established in 1995, incorporated in 2012.

Although our business was incorporated in 2012, our experience spans a lifetime. Our talented staff has worked together for decades transforming small room or entire homes into spaces which exude history and a very peaceful vibe. Half of our volume is customizing antiques into items for everyday use. Whether it is an entertainment center or an entire kitchen, our staff will design and build your one of kind heirloom. We invite you to visit our store and see if being in the presence of treasures spanning the millennia doesn't make you blood pressure drop!

Please capitalize on our  25 years of experience studying, selecting, curating,  designing, customizing antiques from castles, estates and villas of Europe.  

Whether you are a private collector, a designer, a builder, or just seeking that sophisticated look for your project, we should be on your list of places to visit.  If you are new to our world and curious, or simply tired of wasting money on new furniture; just share your dreams with our talented staff and together, we will make those dreams come true.

It is our goal to find proper homes for the many unique pieces surrounding us in our store. We ensure your experience here will be one of pleasure and complete satisfaction.

Nina & Paul